Our Services

Evaluations for Criminal Court

Acumen Psychology has contracts with a number of Minnesota counties to complete evaluations for criminal court.  These include:

  • evaluations of competence to stand trial (rule 20.01)
  • criminal responsibility (rule 20.02)
  • certification to adult court
  • adult and juvenile psychosexual evaluations

We are also available for private evaluations or “second opinions” for work in criminal court.

Evaluations for Family Court

At Acumen Psychology, we are experienced in completing parenting/child custody evaluations, psychological evaluations for family court, and early neutral evaluations (ENE).  We are available for consultation with attorneys including critique and testimony of evaluations provided by other providers.

Psychological Evaluations for Child Protection

We have contracts with several area counties to complete psychological evaluations and parenting assessments for people involved with child protection.  We are also able to provide these kinds of assessments privately.

Other Court-Related Assessments

We have experience in conducting a number of other kinds of court related or court ordered assessments.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions about whether we are able to complete the evaluation you need. 


We provide therapy for adults for a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns.  We do not bill insurance.

Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENE)

We are trained to provide SENEs.  This is a process similar to mediation designed to help parents come to a fair agreement about parenting time and child custody issues with a minimum of unnecessary conflict and cost.

Seminary Evaluations

Acumen Psychology provides assessments required for entry into seminary programs

Continuing Education

Dr. Fischer provides continuing education for attorneys and mental health professionals.


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